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Classes & Shop Rentals


7 Days a Week

Requested Start Times  & Days Available.

Call For Reserving a Date:  505-620-1937

Age & Safety Restrictions 14 yrs & up


Hot Shop Rental

If you have ever wanted to learn and experience glass blowing, this class is the best place to start! Glass Paperweight Making 101 is a 3 hour class with a MINIMUM of two students.


If only one student has signed up, we may ask that they transfer to another class time, so bring a friend to guarantee your class at the time that you choose.


Typically, each student makes 2 pieces, which they will keep.  All work will be available for pick up the next day.


After completion of a hot shop class, a hot shop rental is available to you. The shop fee is $60 per hour, with all tools and materials included.  You may work solo or with a qualified friend, and split the shop fee.  You also have the option of renting one of our instructors as your assistant, for $20 per hour.

Please call for more information.

Glass Blowing 202 -

Hot Shop

Same as above, except you will be blowing ornaments, pumpkins, and bowls. Blowing glass is harder than making paperweights and it is recommended you take the paperweight class first. All materials provided. $250

Call for more information.

Stained Glass 101

Enjoy the process of making stained glass panels. You will learn glass cutting, grinding, foiling, and soldering.  Class hours : 6-8

Group Class 3-4 Students  $170.00 each

1on 1 class is $275.00

Appointment only. Call for more information.

Pulling Glass Flowers - Hot Shop


Let your creativity bloom. This is a 3 hour class that can accommodate 1 -3 students. Technically, this is the easiest of the hot shop classes and can be a good first step toward playing with hot glass. Get 2 friends together and split the cost.

1 - 3 Students: $250 total

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