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Glass Fusing


Class Size:  Minimum 3, Maximum 6


Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry Making - Beginner:  1.5 days, all materials included $175


This fun and exciting class will cover the history of fusing, dichroic glass, glass cutting, firing schedules and finishing techniques.  We will create 3 pendants and 2 pairs of earrings that you will be proud to call your own.

  Dichroic Fused Glass and Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Jewelry: 

2.5 days - glass included - PMC at Market Price

$245 plus the cost of PMC


In the first day of class you will create mini works of glass art.  Day 2 you will learn to work with silver PMC to create original settings for your glass pieces which will be fired together.  The last day you put the finishing touches on your pieces - you clean, polish and/or patina them!


Beginning Fused Glass:  1 day - all materials included, $125

You will learn how to create fused glass designs by cutting and fusing (melting layers of glass together in a kiln) to create unique tiles, or coasters.  The class covers information about fusible glass, cutting techniques, firing schedules, and safety.  Pieces can be picked up the next day.


Fused Glass Plates:  1.5 days - all materials included, $195


Day 1 you will create a plate and/or a sushi dish using fusible glass, dichroic accents, stringers, and powdered glass.  Day 2 you will learn how to cold work your fused pieces (grind and polish the edges). Slumping glass to create a plate will be explained.  You will place your pieces in a mold to be slumped in the kiln.  The pieces can be picked up the next day.

Beginning Fused Glass and Dichroic Jewelry:  2.5 days all materials included, $275


This class is a great introduction to the fun and excitement of working with fused glass.  Day 1 you will be introduced to the different types of glass used in fusing, how to cut glass, firing schedules, and safety.  You will create a fused glass tile which will be fired in the kiln overnight.  Day 2 you will learn about dichroic glass, and will get your creative juices flowing, creating pendants and earrings.  The next day we will discuss your work and put finishing touches on your jewelry.

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